ORIZU, Princess Edith Adaora ...

ORIZU, Princess Edith Adaora Today, Princess Edith Adaora Orizu is remembered for her vivacious, loving, fashionable and generous personality. She was always the life of the party and a loving and devoted mother and grandmother. Princess Edith Adaora was born on the 16th day of June in 1954 to Chief Christopher and Janet Amobi in Ogidi, Anambra State, Nigeria. She attended Anglican Girls High School, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria, as well as IMT School, Enugu, Anambra State, Nigeria. She completed Business and Secretarial Studies at Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. In order to pursue her passion for fashion designing, Princess Edith attended Paris Academy School of Fashion where she studied to be a fashion designer and graduated with top honours. She was a fashion icon and owned and operated a fashion house in Lagos, Nigeria. Princess Edith Adaora's interests included family, fashion, cooking, gardening, shopping, walking and dancing. She was an excellent cook and will continually be remembered for her very delicious rendition of the Nsala and Bitter-leaf (Onugbu) soups. We would especially like to remember her for her extreme generosity and celebrate the legacy of giving she started in our family. Princess Edith Adaora is survived by her five children and their spouses and six grandchildren. "We were very blessed by your many thoughtful gifts to us and to others" Mrs. Adaeze Onasanya - Your "Ady Baby" "Thank you for giving so generously of your life, so I could have a great one" Mrs. Ukonwa Ojo - Your "Uk Gold" "Your generosity knows no bounds." Mr. Obinabo Kuzi-orizu - Your "Commander in Chief" "Thank you Mommy for life." Mr. Joseph O. Kuzi-orizu - Your "Onyi" "One thing I would always remember my mother for, is for her giving. She truly is the Mother of all givers. Mrs. Uchenna Kuzi-orizu Jabar - Your "Uche Fine" We love and miss you. Till we meet again, may your soul continue to rest in God's perfect peace.


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