NOTICE OF MERGER OF PENSION PLANS HarbisonWalker International Corp. ("HWI") is merging the following Pension Plan for Salaried Employees of ANH Refractories Canada, Inc. (the "Salaried Plan"), Registration # 0257360, effective December 31, 2016: - Pension Agreement between ANH Refractories Canada, Inc. and the United Steelworkers, Local Union 16506-33, Registration # 0256990; and - Pension Plan for Hourly-Rated Employees of ANH Refractories Canada, Inc., Registration # 0257352. HWI will make application to the Superintendent to merge the above-listed pension plans (collectively, the "Original Plans") into the Salaried Plan. If you are entitled to benefits under any of the above-listed Original Plans, which has or has not commenced payment, you are entitled to information about this merger. If you do not receive a package about the merger in the mail by July 31, 2017, please contact: HWI HR Benefits Department at benefits@thinkhwi.com or 412-375-6726. The merger process is governed by the Ontario pension regulator and legislation and will not affect the amount or payment of your pension benefit.


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