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Land Titles Act Notice TO: ALBERT NORMAN WILCOX AND/ OR THE PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF HIS ESTATE OR HIS HEIRS AT LAW OR ANY PARTY HAVING TITLE INTEREST IN THE LANDS UNDER APPLICATION RE: PART LOT 9, CONCESSION 4 NORTH GRIMSBY AS IN RO145424, TOWN OF GRIMSBY, REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF NIAGARA, DESIGNATED AS PART 1 ON THE DRAFT REFERENCE PLAN PREPARED BY ROY S. KIRKUP DATED OCTOBER 6, 2016 (ELM TREE ROAD WEST, GRIMSBY, ONTARIO) The said plan is available for inspection at: Land Registry Office: Solicitor for Applicant: Niagara North Land Registry Office (30) McHugh Whitmore LLP ServiceOntario Attn: Ralph Ionico Ministry of Government and Consumer Services 914 Queenston Road 59 Church Street Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1B7 St Catharines, ON L2R 3C3 TAKE NOTICE THAT WALTER FERNICK herein referred to as the Applicant has made application (INSTRUMENT NO. NR428240) to be registered under the Land Titles Act as the owner in fee simple with an absolute title to the above described land. AND TAKE NOTICE THAT any person claiming to have any title to or interest in the subject property or any part thereof is required on or before JULY 26, 2017 to file a statement of objection, which sets out the nature and extent of the interest claimed in the objection, together with all evidence, documents or legal provisions and precedents for such objection, verified by affidavit, directed to the Land Registrar, at the address of my office as set out below. If no such statement of claim is filed by JULY 26, 2017, I will proceed with the application and any interest you may claim in the subject property will be thereby extinguished and you will not be entitled to receive any further notice with respect to the proceedings. DATED AT STONEY CREEK this 21st day of JUNE, 2017. Solicitor for the Applicant: McHugh Whitmore LLP Ralph Ionico 914 Queenston Road Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1B7 Tel: 905-662-6001 Fax: 905-662-6004


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