INMAN In loving memory of my ...

INMAN In loving memory of my dear father Herbert Allison who passed away December 24, 1984. I have been thinking about the cottage so much lately, Pop, all those wonderful summers we spent at "Pine Cabin", and loved it so much. Wish we could do it all over again, except for that one trip to Pembroke to the Cottage Hospital-it wasn't too much blueberry pie but my appendix. So many years you've been gone, and how I still miss you. I was glad we got up in 1988 for the last time, and got some nice pictures for mom-from the last turn in the road when we could see the cottage, I would always get so excited, to the dairy bar in Barry's Bay for ice cream. I miss you and mom so very much-one of these days we'll be together again. Happy Father's Day, give mom a big hug for us. ~Forever in my heart, Shirley


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