GALLAGHER, John For the Best...

GALLAGHER, John For the Best Dad in the Whole World, who never ever let me down. A friendly wave, a cheery "Hi" A ready smile, You were quite the guy. Shy hugs and kisses A loving heart Strong family ties, near or apart. You were everything a Dad should be Caring, helpful and kind You were always doing special things With someone else in mind. You were someone who taught me To follow my dreams To try to be all I could be There when I needed you Time after time You were always a good friend to me. So it isn't just on Father's Day I have loving memories of you For your lessons and influence Are part of all I do. You gave me all you had to give Gifts both great and small But most of all you gave me love The greatest gift of all. You left behind an aching heart That loved you most sincere What I would give, No one could know Just to have you here. So Lord, if you are listening From your place somewhere above Please go and find my Dad for me And give him all my love. Happy Father's Day, Dad/Grandad/Great-Grandad Heaps of love, From Reg, Christopher, Laura, Liam, Emma and families, but mostly from your ever loving daughter Pat


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